A Type of March With Death

I can't work out how to count this but I'm going to keep kicking these words until they submit.

12 scenes to be edited, revised, written or at least outlined.

Total revised wordcount: 68,763

The words "The End" will get written. Everything leading up to the ending will be in place, even if not beautiful.

Send chocolate.

13:30 update
Wordcount: 70,108
Words beaten into submission: 1349
New words written: 1074
Movement: Walked 3 km
Sustenance: Two coffees with milk, glass of orange juice, water.
Question of the moment: What would Scott's ringtone be?

I will get lunch when the new words written have been revised into some sort of sense.

First Pass in Progress

This has been a hard edit. I basically had to break the story's back and then put it back together again. And I think I've done it right but I'm frightened. I'm so easily distractable right now, anything and everything is more important than doing the new ending because, jesus, what if the new ending sucks? What have I wasted three months for if this isn't the way it should be?

I know it's not logical but it is the way I feel. And I guess I want to put it out there so that later, when I say "yeah, the story came to me complete, it was just there, waiting for me to unearth it" someone else can point at this and say,

"Sylvia? Bullshit!"
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Once Upon a Time

A snapshot loose among the boxes of my mind

It wasn't there, was it? She looked at the rotting tiles of the roof, the flaking paint, the remnants of a wooden door. The garden was a mess of hard dirt and weeds, the only flower a dandelion.

I wish I wouldn't leave myself notes with no reference. I am intrigued now ... but I have no idea what I was thinking about or what this might have fit into.
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I'm Watching You

I don't know that I'll use this journal (if you are looking for an "About" page, try and the glut of blogs already in existence) but I do like the iPhone app. So I have taken a number of you that I "know" from groups or workshops or gaming and added you as a friend here. If your LJ is friends locked and you aren't sure who I am, just drop me a line and I'll clarify.

Updates to this blog will be rare but it's nice to have a scratchpad nevertheless.
Joyce's manuscript of Ulysses

IPhone goodness

I've just discovered the iPhone app and wondering if I might use this journal afterall. the friends page is friendlier than RSS and it is quick and easy to add photographs which could be fun. And in the mornings when I'm lying in the sun on the bed, it wouldn't hurt to write a few words. Better use of my time than PocketFrogs, anyway.

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Big Plans, Baby Steps

I had big plans for the second half of July but so far it's been a case of running just to stand still. I forget - every year - how much interference there is with people visiting, even the ones that I don't really know who keep to themselves. Add to that the fun people who've been round and I'm happy but not very prolific.

I can live with that.

The whole thing of getting it all done is great and I do like to push myself but it is ludicrous to ignore people (especially my son) because of imaginary deadlines I'm setting myself. Also I'm feeling quite weak and wimpy anyway, which I'm pretty sure is just relief at getting the first draft done.

So I'm not too stressed out. I've got four writing projects in my head right now and no real feeling of what I want to be working on, which doesn't help. I could do tiny steps if I knew what I was working on (but then, if I wanted to work, I'd have picked one, right?) but each one has some fatal flaw that puts me off.

The only way out is through. I will start working through them soon.

But it is a nice feeling - I'm still doing the blog posts and bits and pieces but there's plenty of time for all the reading and walking and I don't feel like I'm stagnating, just that I'm in a different phase now. And that's OK.

It helps that I don't have a favourite game at the moment (with the exception of Echo Bazaar which only takes a few minutes a day) so I don't feel I'm wasting my life away killing orcs.

Also, I need to set an example - my son is coming to the conclusion that it is normal to spend your life at the computer, no matter what you do. So the more reasons I have to back away from it, the better.

I'll rethink again in August but I think I'm probably going part-time for the duration.
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I finished the first draft in such a way that G. could actually read it and she read it and although she was confused regarding some minor issues the major issues made sense to her.

I am so relieved.

It needs work but I understand, I think, how to make it work. I want to take one of the viewpoints and rewrite it as a single piece, so that I can get the progression right. I need to work on the secondary character and get his family issues put together cleanly. My final scene probably needs cutting. But overall, I think the story works, the synopsis holds together, and at 75,109 words I feel I've got something complete that could possibly make sense to someone if they found it tomorrow. Something that I can fix, rather than something that I'd like to write.

So now what?
Joyce's manuscript of Ulysses

Beating down the panic

* Coincidence isn't SUCH a bad thing and it can be tightened up a bit later.

* The sideline character has a reason to be stealing center stage, else she wouldn't bother. The hair color thing has niggled at you from the start. Maybe this is the point.

* At this stage you are not competent to judge whether this is good. This is *exactly* the word count where you dumped the last project. You have a problem but it is not specific to this novel. Shut up and keep going.

* It doesn't have to be the best thing you've ever written. It just has to be done. Worry about the rest of it later.

* Breathe.